The Science of Sales


The Art & Science of Sales

An insightful salesperson can be among any company’s greatest assets. The competitive advantage that prospects desire most are not related to product, service or price – it’s much more about how they perceive a brand through their key touchpoint in Sales. A leader’s job is to create competitive advantage, our job at PoP is to show you how best to sell that advantage.

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Interactive learning on how to establish an emotion-based style

Ongoing follow-up support & feedback to ensure continued success



We’re proud of the consistent, positive impact our clients have experienced.

Give us the opportunity to train your Sales organization and we can enjoy shared success!

“We chose Program on Persuasion because it digs into the psychology behind selling and the corresponding emotional triggers to win the sell – we are very happy with the performance results achieved. Our goal is to be more than sales people by providing additional value through solutions and consulting – Program on Persuasion showed us how.”

“We doubled our sales one year after we went through the training. Like most, we were reluctant to set aside the time to train, but we are so much better off that we did.”

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