1.) It’s Right for You If:

a. You’ve reached multiple 8- or even 9 or 10-figure business revenue.
You have at least 20 full-time sales professionals & multiple sales managers.
You know your sales organization has much more potential to give.
You realize that leadership must have more influence over the sales organization.
You want to create consistency, predictability, and sales momentum.
You have a mandate to improve lead generation, capture new accounts, expand into existing customers or      improve your win rate
You have an even bigger vision for your company and your sales organization.
You’re ready to propel the organization forward at a highly accelerated pace.
You know that it’s time to get customized support through strategic consulting.
You appreciate the value of high-caliber, sophisticated business expertise.

2.) How It’s Delivered:

a.   1 in-person strategy session w/Leadership (1/2 Day) at your offices.
b.   2 in-person progress reviews (1/2 Day) at your offices.
c.   360° Deep-Dive Analysis (Customers, Salespeople, Managers, & Leadership).
d.   Do-It-For-You Customization of the 4 Primary Selling Tools.
e.   1 kick-off call with sales managers 3 weeks prior to each workshop.
f.   Sales managers provided access to FRONT-LINE MANAGER™.
g.  Live 2-day sales training workshops of 20-40 participants.
h.  Each participant provided access to STRATEGIC SALES SYSTEM™.
i.   12 follow-up sessions with each sales manager.
j.   Newly hired salespeople granted access to Strategic Selling System™.
k.  Bi-Weekly progress reviews with leader.
l.   All the benefits of STRATEGIC SALES SYSTEM™.
m. All the benefits of FRONT-LINE SALES MANAGER™.

3.) What You Gain:

a.   Increased influence over your sales organization.
b.   Sales process that generates predictable sales growth.
c.   Done-for-you: advanced, integrated prospect messaging campaigns.
d.   An up-leveling of your 1st impression meeting with prospect.
e.   Mapped out discovery questions.
f.   Support in packaging your offers.
g.  Powerful mindset breakthroughs and shifts.
h.  A highly targeted strategy for new business and existing account development.
i.   An up-leveling of your sales-management platform to develop your people
j.  Increased clarity, confidence, and vision in your salespeople.

4.) Cost is $2,500 / Person (Salesperson & Manager) for entire Program

a.   Client reimburses POP for travel-related expense.
b.   Client is responsible for Meeting Room Expenses.
c.   Payment is due in full immediately after each workshop.